Learn How To Play Fan Tan As A Beginner

Learn How To Play Fan Tan As A Beginner
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How to play gambling online fan tan starts with a small bowl, sticks and buttons, then the way is for a dealer to use the small bowl to pick up the buttons on the table randomly. Then the players are welcome to place/place the bet on the table then the dealer will open the small bowl that already contains the button and separate the buttons one by one with the real stick. Below, you will Learn How To Play Fan Tan As A Beginner.

Learn How To Play Fan Tan As A Beginner

At Learn How To Play Fan Tan As A Beginner you will know how to separate the buttons with these sticks so that the process of removing the buttons is purely untouched by the dealer, so this game is pure and very fair or fair, so there is no cheating in the game.

How to Play / Place Bets on Fan Tan Games

To find out that you win or lose in a tan fan gambling game, the dealer will arrange the buttons in the small bowl and sorted into a row with four buttons. Your result will be known in the last row where the remaining pins are the determinant of victory in the game.

  • Place a bet on Odd Numbers

Bets on odd numbers (Odds) like 1 and 3, if you win they will be paid 1: 1 and will be deducted by a commission of 5%.

  • Place a bet on Even Numbers

Even numbers like 2 and 4, if a player wins, it will be paid 1 to 1 and will be deducted by a 5% commission.

  • Place the bet Fan Tan: Shen Sam Song or 3 possibilities

Shen Sam Song betting or 3 possibilities is that the players choose three possible numbers that will come out like 1, 2, 3 and if the result that comes out is four then the player’s bet is declared to be lost.

  • Install gambling: Nga Tan

Nga Tan bets or 2 possibilities are to choose 2 possible numbers that will come out like numbers 1 and 2, if the ones that come out are 1 and 2 then the player will win, but if the number is 3 then you will lose but if the number is 4 then will be considered a draw or a series.

  • How to play Fan Tan: Kwok

Kwok or 2 bets are likely to be more similar to Nga Tan. If you choose a number that will come out you will be defeated, if you want numbers 3 and 4 and the numbers 1 and 2 are out, then you lose.

  • How to place a bet Fan Tan: Nim

Nim betting is that you choose to bet on two numbers by selecting the number 1 win and 1 series, for example, you bet on 1 Nim 2, if the result is 1 then you will win, if the number 2 will be considered a series and if the number is 3 and 4 then you will be considered a loser.

  • Fan betting type

Fan betting is you bet on 1 number in the game, for example, if you bet on 1 Fan then if the one that comes out is a number you will win but if in addition to number one then you will lose.


With the discussion above on Learn How To Play Fan Tan As A Beginner, you will become popular about the game and will be able to win in your games.

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